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Leave An Impact On The World You Live In

Leave An Impact On The World You Live In

May 01, 2020

How videos can help you on this endeavor.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent financial crisis is pressing consumers to truly dig down to things that matter. As citizens move back into the world, their buying habits will likely change. With the creation of a short video, you can promote the goals of your business and share your view of how your efforts are impacting the world.

What People Want

It's said that people want to feel important. Your potential clients have all undergone, and will continue to struggle with, the uncertainty and anxiety of the pandemic. Even if things ever get back to "normal" after COVID-19, we will all know that this virus or a similar situation can happen again at any time. To promote your particular products and services and make an emotional connection with your clients, your message should be:
  • visual
  • audible
  • memorable
  • engaging, and
  • insightful


Constant anxiety leads to stress and stress leads to heightened emotions. People may find that they are quicker to anger or constantly close to tears. With the right message, you can both empathize with the person who feels that their emotions are running rampant. You can give them a sense of belonging. You can provide them with a sense of security as a member of the clan of those who are struggling to make it through a difficult time.


In addition to sharing your view of how to impact the world moving forward, make sure that the framework of your message leaves space for interpretation and feedback. If your message doesn't resonate with a potential client, they will simply forget you. If your message hits them positively, you may get an inquiry. If your message is not well-received, you might get a comment. Be open to feedback and be ready to share your intentions. If you share your message on social media, be ready to make your response public, to allow other potential clients to know you better.

Short and Sweet

There has long been a lament that our attention spans are shrinking. Current stress levels around the world are not making it any easier to focus. With the creation of a short, simple video sharing what your business can do to help people move forward through this difficult time, you can lay the groundwork for future client connections. A short message is more likely to be viewed all the way to the end. Once viewed, it can easily be shared on social media.

Skip the TLDR Gap

You can craft the most remarkable public service announcement ever written and not get any readers. To get your message out there, it needs to be short enough to be viewed in its entirety. Preferably, it can be consumed while your potential client is doing something else. Finally, it can lay the groundwork to direct a potential client to seek out and study your PSA.


Your video can provide your potential clients with comfort, a sense of belonging, and hope in the security of moving forward together. The professionals at can help you create a presentation video on how your business can help.

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